How to avoid committing fraud

The majority of our customers do the right thing and do not commit fraud.

You could be committing fraud if you choose not to update your details.

Doing the right thing is easy:

It is never too late to report a change. By telling us about any changes today, we can help make sure you receive the correct payment.

Welfare fraud

You commit welfare fraud by either:

  • intentionally not reporting a change in your details
  • being dishonest in order to get a payment

Dishonestly claiming welfare payments is theft and the consequences are serious. This could mean a debt, loss of payment, referral for prosecution, a criminal record or even a prison sentence.

How we target welfare fraud

We take welfare fraud seriously.

Along with ongoing fraud detection processes currently in place, Taskforce Integrity has been formed with the Australian Federal Police to strengthen our ability to address suspected welfare fraud in Australia.

We use advanced technology, including matching data with other agencies, to help identify people who are not being honest.

Read more about Taskforce Integrity.

If you suspect welfare fraud

You can help the taskforce by reporting suspected fraud. If you suspect someone is committing welfare fraud, you can anonymously report them.

Read more about reporting fraud.

Page last updated: 27 September 2016