Income and assets tests for Carer Payment

The amount of Carer Payment you receive depends on the income and assets of both you and the person receiving care.

Income test for carers

Your income may affect your eligibility for Carer Payment or the amount you receive.

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Assets test for carers

The value of your assets may affect your eligibility for Carer Payment or the amount you receive.

On 1 January 2017 there is a change to the assets test that may affect your payment.

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Income and assets tests for people receiving care

If the person for whom you provide care does not receive a pension or benefit from us or the Department of Veterans' Affairs, their income and assets cannot be greater than the following limits:

Income $109,917
Assets $678,000

Under certain circumstances, if assets are over $678,000, this may not disqualify the carer from Carer Payment.

Relevant family members of the person you care for may also be assessed with their own income and assets test.

Carers working, volunteering, studying or training

You can participate in work, including volunteer work, study or training for up to 25 hours a week, including the time taken to travel and still be eligible for Carer Payment, as long as you continue to personally provide constant care. Any income you receive may affect your rate of payment.

Page last updated: 17 February 2017

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