Medical risk based reviews for Disability Support Pension customers

We may contact you if we need to review your medical eligibility for Disability Support Pension.

What is the medical risk based review

The medical eligibility of some current Disability Support Pension (DSP) customers is being reviewed.

Reviews will be conducted by our health professionals. They will use the 1 January 2012 revised impairment tables and reassess your work capacity.

Who is eligible for review

You may be eligible for a review if you currently receive DSP and have not been granted or had a medical review in the past 2 years.

You will be excluded from a medical risk based review if you:

  • are 60 years of age or over
  • were granted DSP under current manifest rules
  • are working in Australian Disability Enterprises or under Supported Worker Systems, or
  • are being paid under an International Agreement and are residing permanently overseas

Information you need to provide

If you are selected for review you will receive a review pack in the post or a Centrelink online letter asking you to:

  • provide current medical evidence
  • return the barcoded letter with your evidence by the due date
  • read the Medical Evidence Requirements form for information about what medical evidence you need to provide
  • complete and return the Consent to disclose medical information form to confirm that you consent to your treating health professionals or health providers disclosing relevant information about your disability or medical conditions to us, or assessors we have engaged
  • call the people with disability line if you cannot provide your current medical evidence for any reason

You have 21 days to provide the requested information. Your payments may be stopped if you don’t provide the information or contact us to discuss it within 21 days.

If you’re unable to provide current medical evidence, we will discuss this with you. We may provide extensions on a case by case basis only.

What you need to do

You need to provide current medical evidence. You may also need to attend a Job Capacity Assessment and Disability Medical Assessment.

Depending on your medical condition, we may need specific and current medical evidence about your medical conditions to complete your review. Your treating doctor doesn’t have to complete a special report.

Read more about medical evidence and assessment.

What happens after the review

We will contact you to advise you of the outcome of your review.

You may still be able to get support if you are no longer eligible for DSP. Use our Payment Finder to see what is suitable for you and your circumstance.

Page last updated: 8 February 2017

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