Meeting your child support responsibilities

As a parent, you have responsibilities and rights. You also have choices in arranging your child support in a way that works for you and the other parent.

As a parent with a child support case or binding agreement, you are responsible for making sure:

  • if you are required to pay child support, that you pay in full and on time
  • the care arrangements for your children are in place
  • if you need to lodge an income tax return, you lodge it on time
  • you report your income accurately
  • you inform us of any changes as soon as possible, including:
    • if you have not received a payment
    • if you cannot make a payment
    • if the agreed care arrangements for your children change
    • if the agreed care arrangements for your children are not being met
    • a change to the number of dependent children you have
    • if your employment status changes
    • if your address or contact details change
    • if your bank account details change
    • if you, the other parent or a child intend to move overseas
    • if you are trying a reconciliation with the other parent
    • if a child you make payments for is turning 18
    • if a child is adopted, marries or starts to live in a de facto relationship
    • if a parent or child included in the assessment dies

Page last updated: 18 August 2016

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