Notifying us of a binding agreement for child support

To make a binding agreement, you must get independent legal advice to make sure you understand the consequences of the agreement.

You’ll need a legal certificate signed by a legal provider and this needs to be attached to the agreement. The certificate confirms you’ve received legal advice. We can’t accept your binding agreement without it. The binding agreement must also contain a statement that you received legal advice before you signed the agreement.

Using the Child Support Agreement form

You can use the Child Support Agreement form as a guide to help make your agreement. You can also use it to record your agreement and to apply for it to be accepted.

Supporting documents

We may ask you to provide additional documents with your Child Support Agreement form. This may include a copy of your Parenting plan or court order for the care of your children.

Submitting your Child Support Agreement form

Post your completed form and any supporting documentation to:

Department of Human Services
GPO Box 9815
MELBOURNE VIC 3001, Australia

Or fax it to 1300 309 949

Application outcome

We’ll inform you and the other parent of the outcome.

You have the right to object to a child support decision we make. Read more about objections to child support decisions.

Page last updated: 7 December 2016