Other employment assistance

We provide other services for people with disability who are looking for work.

Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support

Disabled Australian Apprentice Wage Support makes payments to employers who employ apprentices with disability.

Employment Services Assessments and Job Capacity Assessments

An Employment Services Assessment helps work out the type of employment service or assistance that can best help you prepare for, find and maintain work.

A Job Capacity Assessment can determine the impact of your medical condition and disability on your ability to work and decide whether you can benefit from employment assistance.

Job in Jeopardy Assistance

Job in Jeopardy Assistance helps employees who are at risk of losing their job as a result of disability, injury or a health condition. It is available through Disability Employment Services.


jobactive is a network of organisations dedicated to helping job seekers find and sustain employment. jobactive services include:

  • assistance to eligible job seekers to find and keep a job and ensure employers are receiving candidates that meet their business needs
  • Work for the Dole Coordinators to source appropriate Work for the Dole places and projects with not for profit organisations
  • the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme to support job seekers wanting to start up and run a viable small business
  • the Harvest Labour Services and the National Harvest Labour Information Service to support the harvest requirements of growers in the horticulture industry

We assist you by providing:

  • information about jobactive and other Employment Services Providers
  • a referral service to jobactive
  • employment self help facilities to help job seekers with their job search efforts

If you are a job seeker claiming Newstart Allowance, Youth Allowance, or Parenting Payment with Mutual Obligation Requirements we will immediately refer you to a jobactive organisation at your first contact with us.

Job Seeker Classification Instrument

The Job Seeker Classification Instrument (JSCI) is a tool used by us mainly to assess your eligibility for employment services, but also to determine what employment assistance you may be eligible for.

The JSCI consists of a series of questions aimed at identifying what barriers you face in entering the workforce. The JSCI is not intended to provide an individual assessment of your needs.

In some cases, if you tell us you have disability that may affect your ability to work, a separate assessment, called an Employment Services Assessment may be needed to look at the impact of your disability on any future work. From this assessment, a decision will be made to refer you to either jobactive or Disability Employment Services.

Supported Wage System

The Supported Wage System increases employment opportunities for people with disability through paying a productivity based wage to people with disability.

Wage subsidies

A wage subsidy is money paid by a Disability Employment Service to subsidise wages for people with disability who are working.

Workplace modifications

The Employment Assistance Fund provides assistance to employers of people with disability and mental health condition by providing financial assistance to purchase a range of work related modifications and services. Assistance is available for people who are about to start a job or who are currently working and people who require assistance to find and prepare for work.

For more information, visit the JobAccess website.

Page last updated: 13 July 2016