Parenting Payment while travelling outside Australia

To get your payment while outside Australia you must continue to meet the qualification rules for Parenting Payment.

There are rules about how long your Parenting Payment can be paid when you travel outside Australia.

Rules for Parenting Payment outside Australia

If you or your children leave Australia to live in another country, your payment will stop on departure unless you're eligible for Parenting Payment under an international social security agreement.

If you or your children leave Australia temporarily, you can continue being paid for the first 6 weeks that you or they are overseas.

You may be able to be paid for more than 6 weeks if you're:

  • studying outside Australia as part of a full time Australian course, or
  • attending a training camp with the Australian Defence Force Reserves

If you or your children leave Australia for more than 6 weeks, return and then leave again within 6 weeks, your Parenting Payment will stop immediately on your or your children's next departure.

International social security agreements

If you receive Parenting Payment single and you're going to a country that has an international social security agreement with Australia that covers Parenting Payment, the agreement may allow you to be paid for longer. Under most agreements that cover Parenting Payment single, you have to be a de jure widow – that is, you were legally married to your husband at the time he died.

If you're already paid under an international social security agreement, the amount you receive is determined according to the agreement. In general, most agreements allow payment to continue indefinitely while you're in the agreement country or in Australia. If you go to another country you can generally be paid for the same period as a person who leaves Australia and is not paid under an agreement.

When to tell us about your travel

You should tell us if you or your children are leaving Australia and you:

  • are going to live in another country
  • are leaving Australia for more than 6 weeks
  • have not been back in Australia for 6 weeks since your last return
  • are paid under an international social security agreement, or
  • have been approved to be paid as a single person when you have a partner and you're leaving Australia to spend time with your partner

Otherwise you do not need to tell us that you or your dependent children are leaving Australia. Australia's immigration department will advise us when you or your children leave and return to Australia.

The easiest way to tell us about your travel plans is to use your Centrelink online account through myGov. You can get tailored information on how your payments and concession cards could be affected.

Parenting Payment rate while outside Australia

Your rate of Parenting Payment, and Pension Supplement if you receive Parenting Payment single, generally will not change if you travel outside Australia temporarily for less than 6 weeks.

If you're eligible to be paid for more than 6 weeks, your rate will change:

  • after 6 weeks - if you're going temporarily
  • on departure from Australia - if you're leaving to live in another country

This means your pension will be paid at an outside Australia rate.

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