Program of Support for Disability Support Pension

A Program of Support is a Commonwealth Government funded program to help you prepare for, find or maintain work.

Programs of Support include:

Employment Services Providers will work with you to develop a program, tailored to your level of impairment, to address any needs and barriers to employment you may have. The Employment Services Provider will connect you to vocational, rehabilitation and other services that have a particular focus on developing the skills you need to improve your capacity to find and keep a job.

Working in Australian Disability Enterprises is also considered to be participation in a Program of Support. Australian Disability Enterprises provide a wide range of supported employment opportunities for people with moderate to severe disability.

Programs not funded by the Commonwealth Government may also be taken into account if you started the program before 5 January 2015.

If you are claiming Disability Support Pension we may ask you to demonstrate that, over the previous 3 years, you have:

  • completed a Program of Support, or
  • actively participated in a Program of Support for at least 18 months

If you are currently receiving Disability Support Pension, depending on your circumstances, we may ask you to:

  • have a comprehensive medical review, and
  • actively participate in, or complete, a Program of Support within a 3 year period

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