Registered carers

Becoming a registered carer allows eligible families to claim Child Care Benefit for the child care you provide.

Registered care is child care provided by individuals who are approved by us to be registered carers.

The benefit is paid at a fixed amount per hour for up to 50 hours per child per week.

Child Care Rebate isn't paid for care provided by registered carers.

Who can become a registered carer

To become a registered carer you must:

  • provide care to 1 or more children on a regular basis, and
  • be aged 18 years or over, or
  • be aged under 18 and have relevant qualifications in child care, home based help, or as a nanny

Individuals eligible to apply can include relatives, friends, neighbours or nannies, who care for 1 or more children on a regular basis. It can also include individuals providing care in some organisations that aren't able to offer Child Care Benefit for approved care, such as:

  • preschools
  • kindergartens
  • some outside school hours services, including before and after school care, vacation care and holiday programs; for example, sporting and artistic camps, and
  • some occasional care centres

If the organisation you work for offers Child Care Benefit for approved care, or is a budget based funded or non-formula funded service, you aren't eligible to offer Child Care Benefit for registered care.

Read more about child care service providers.

Requirements for working with children

Individuals who engage in paid child care related work may be required to meet requirements of their state or territory. Examples of requirements may include:

  • criminal checks
  • Working With Children Check (WWCC), or
  • Blue cards or other requirements as specified by your state or territory - we refer to these requirements as a licence or WWCC

For more information, contact the relevant agency in your state or territory as listed on the Australian Children's Education and Care Quality Authority website.

How to become a registered carer

Complete the Registered Child Care Provider Application form, attach the required documents and send it to us. We'll let you know the outcome.

If your application is approved

If we approve your application, we'll send you your Carer Reference Number, which you can use when issuing receipts. You can advise families that they may be able to claim Child Care Benefit for registered care with the receipts provided.

You always have the right to appeal any decision we make.

Read more about reviews and appeals.

Individuals providing care in organisations

You may be eligible to become a registered carer if the organisation you work for isn't a Child Care Benefit approved child care service.

Only one person in the organisation needs to apply to be a registered carer. More people can register if needed.

If you intend to take extended leave or stop providing care after your registration is approved, another person providing care at the centre can apply to become a registered carer in your absence.

If the organisation you work for changes ownership

If there is a change of ownership you can continue being a registered carer as long as the new owner isn't a Child Care Benefit approved child care service.

If your employer is a Child Care Benefit approved child care service, you won't be able to keep your registered carer status.

If the organisation you work for becomes a Child Care Benefit approved child care service

You can't be a registered carer and issue registered care receipts if the organisation you work for is a Child Care Benefit approved child care service.

However, families will still be able to lodge their receipts and claim for periods that you provided registered care.


As a registered carer, you need to issue valid receipts to the person who pays for the child care.

To help you do this, we provide printed receipt books free of charge. You can order these receipt books once your application is approved and you're sent your Carer Reference Number. If you run out of receipt books, you can order more online. Alternatively, you can use your own receipts, which can be either handwritten in blue or black pen or computer generated, as long as you include:

  • your Carer Reference Number
  • your name, address and the full name of the child you cared for
  • the full name of the person who paid for the child care
  • details for each week of care, including hours and amount paid
  • an indication that the care has been paid for, and
  • your signature and the date

If you're an individual providing care in an organisation, receipts can be issued by the organisation on your behalf. These must contain the above information, including your Carer Reference Number and signature. An electronic signature is acceptable.

A third party may sign on your behalf provided they clearly write on the receipt that they are signing on your behalf.

You can only issue a receipt for periods of care that have already been provided and paid for. Receipts must not be provided for care that is part of a compulsory education program such as primary school. If care is provided for a child outside of school hours, receipts for registered care can only be issued for those hours.

Read more about primary school levels for Child Care Benefit.

You can't issue receipts for your own child if you're the registered carer. Another registered carer will need to provide care to your child and issue the receipts.

Things you need to tell us

As a registered carer, you need to tell us when your circumstances change so we can update your record.

You need to tell us if:

  • your contact details change
  • you renew your WWCC or licence
  • your WWCC or licence is cancelled, or
  • you stop providing care

You need to do this within 14 days. If your registration with us is cancelled, you can no longer issue receipts for Child Care Benefit purposes from that date. You must tell the families you provide care to, that:

  • as you're no longer a registered carer with us, they can't claim Child Care Benefit for registered care for any care you provide from the date of cancellation, and
  • they can still claim Child Care Benefit for registered care for periods up to the date your registered carer status was cancelled

Keeping us up to date

You can keep us up to date by:

  • calling the Families line
  • faxing 1300 786 102, or
  • writing to us at:

    The Department of Human Services
    Reply Paid 7800
    Canberra BC
    ACT 2610
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