Someone to deal with us on your behalf

If you want someone else to handle your Centrelink, Child Support or Medicare business, you can authorise them to deal with us on your behalf.

Centrelink nominee

If you receive your payment by cheque, the way we pay you will change in 2016. Register your bank details through myGov, or call or visit us today.

You can have a correspondence nominee or a payment nominee or both. You can authorise different people for each role or the same person for both.

Authorising a person or organisation to be your nominee does not stop you from doing your own Centrelink business with us.

If you appoint a nominee you can cancel the arrangement at any time by contacting us.

Centrelink correspondence nominee

A correspondence nominee can do most of your Centrelink business for you, such as:

  • making enquiries
  • advising us of changes to your circumstances
  • completing and signing forms and statements
  • attending appointments with you or, if appropriate, on your behalf, and
  • receiving a copy of your mail from us

Centrelink payment nominee

A payment nominee receives your Centrelink payments. A payment nominee:

  • can only use your payments for your benefit, and
  • must keep records of the payments they receive on your behalf and how they spent the money for your benefit

Appointing a Centrelink nominee

You can appoint a nominee online or by completing a form.


If you and your proposed nominee have a Centrelink online account, you can make a request to appoint a nominee through your online account through myGov.

Register now

Once registered, a correspondence nominee can also subscribe to view and print Centrelink letters online.

By form

Complete an Authorising a person or organisation to enquire or act on your behalf form.

Submit it to us by post, fax or by taking it to your nearest service centre.

Your nominee’s identity documents must be submitted with the form, except where your nominee is an organisation.

Centrelink person permitted to enquire

This arrangement authorises a person or organisation to only make limited enquiries about your Centrelink payments and services on your behalf. This is not a nominee arrangement.

To authorise a person to enquire:

Child Support representative

Your child support representative is a person or organisation. You can authorise them to make enquiries, provide information, have access to and discuss details about your case.

The person must be 18 or over. We recommend you don’t authorise a child who you paid or received child support for, even if they’ve turned 18. We also recommend you don’t authorise the other parent in your child support case.

You can specify the date you want the authorisation to end, and the details your representative is able to access and discuss.

You can authorise them to perform limited actions on your behalf. This includes making a payment arrangement for you to pay us a child support debt you owe, or update your contact details with us.

Your representative can’t make child support applications or elections for you, or sign documents on your behalf.

Authorise a representative

You can authorise a representative by:

You can submit the form or letter online, by post or fax or in person at your nearest service centre.

Medicare representative

A Medicare representative is:

  • someone to whom you have provided your power of attorney
  • a guardian or administrator appointed by a court or tribunal, using a guardianship order or administration order, when you need help managing some of your affairs

Power of attorney

To appoint the person who has your power of attorney to be your Medicare representative, you will need to provide an original or certified copy of the power of attorney. The Medicare business that a representative can do on your behalf depends on the type of power of attorney they have. We accept the following types of powers of attorney:

  • enduring
  • general
  • financial, and
  • limited

Guardian or administrator

Your guardian or administrator must provide an original or certified copy of the guardianship or administrative order. The Medicare business that a representative can do on your behalf depends on the wording of the order.

Authorised representative

A person aged 14 and over who has a disability which results in their inability to manage their own affairs, make sound decisions or give reasonable instructions, can have an Authorised Representative act on their behalf for Medicare purposes.
To act on behalf of another person for Medicare purposes, an Authorised Representative must be over 18, and be an individual who is a close friend or relation to the customer, and must not be a paid carer.

You can authorise a person as a representative by completing an Authorisaton to act on a person's behalf form.

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