Submitting documents using your Centrelink online account

Submit documents to us using your Centrelink online account.

Providing documents online is safe, secure and convenient. If you’re using the Express plus mobile app, you will need to read the instructions, or view the video to submit your documents online.

Most documents can be submitted using your online account, including:

  • claim forms
  • separation certificates
  • payslips
  • proof of enrolment or fee receipts
  • Medical reports
  • Centrelink medical certificates or Doctor issued medical certificates
You cannot submit identity documents online. When confirming your identify you must supply original documents. Read more about confirmation of your identity.

You will need to make sure that you have scanned and saved the relevant documents onto your computer. Please be aware that documents should be under 4.5MB in size and in one of the following formats:

  • pdf
  • gif
  • jpeg
  • tiff

Step 1: Sign in

Once you have signed in to myGov and selected your Centrelink online account, select Upload Documents.

Select the question mark icon to access the help menu. This option is available to you whenever displayed.

To view previously uploaded documents:

  • select MENU
  • select documents and statements
  • select View Upload History

Previously uploaded documents will be listed

Step 2: Select document type

Select a document type using the drop down arrow

Step 3: Choose your files

Select Choose files, to select the files that you wish you to upload and submit.

Select the relevant file you saved to your computer.

Select open

Files must be in an accepted format, of pdf, png, tiff, or jpg, and under 4.5mb in size.

You can upload multiple files at the same time. We will ask you to confirm if you are uploading multiple files for the same document, so they can be grouped together.

After uploading your document, you can choose from:

  • select Yes, and repeat this step and upload more files
  • select No, if you have completed uploading your files, or
  • select Cancel, to cancel your upload

We’ll clearly indicate when your files and the document has been successfully loaded.

Step 4: Review and submit and get a receipt

Select Submit documents to confirm have read and understood the declaration.

A receipt number is provided for your records to confirm that your documents have been submitted successfully.

Select the Printer icon to print a copy of this page.

Step 5: more documents?

After getting your receipt you can choose to:

  • select Add more to add more documents and follow the instructions in step 2
  • select View history to view your upload history, or
  • select Return home to return to your Centrelink online account homepage

View history

If you select view history, a list of previously submitted documents will be listed.

Viewing your previous uploads will stop you submitting documents multiple times. Your upload history will show you the document’s name and type, and the date and time they were submitted.

All files submitted electronically are converted to PDF. To view your previous documents you will need a PDF reader.

After viewing the previous documents you’ve submitted you can choose to:

  • Select Add files and follow the instructions in step 2 to add more documents
  • Select Return home, when you’ve finished viewing your previous uploads

Step 6: Return home and sign out

Select the Home icon, to return to your Centrelink online account homepage at any time.

Once you are back at your online account homepage you can complete other transactions, or return to your myGov account by selecting the myGov icon.

For your privacy and security, ensure you sign out when you have finished using your myGov account.

select the log out icon, to sign out of your Centrelink online account if you didn’t sign in through myGov.
You can find other online account guides and video demonstrations on the online account guides page.

Page last updated: 25 November 2016