Transitional rate of pension

The transitional rate of pension is a special rate for people who would have received a lower pension because of income test changes in 2009.

You will remain on the transitional rate while it is higher than the rate you would be paid under the current income test.

Changes, such as losing a job or an extra day’s pay one fortnight, can result in your transitional rate of pension no longer being higher than the current rate.

While you receive the transitional rate, it is compared to the rate of pension you would receive under the current income test. You are no longer eligible for the transitional rate when the current rate of pension is the same or more than your transitional rate.

You cannot go back to your transitional rate if you start receiving the current rate.

A Service Officer or Financial Information Service officer can explain what effect a brief change may have on your pension, for example an increase or decrease in your employment income.

Page last updated: 2 September 2016

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