Updating your address and contact details through myGov

If you are a Centrelink or Medicare customer, there are some things you need to know when you update your address and contact details through myGov.

myGov Update Your Details

Use the myGov Update Your Details service to update your Australian home or postal address, phone numbers and email address with Medicare, Centrelink, the Australian Taxation Office and Australian JobSearch in one easy transaction.

Use your Centrelink or Medicare online account to tell us about any other changes to your circumstances.

Read more about Update Your Details on the myGov website.


You may receive a reminder in your Centrelink online account asking you to confirm your updated address, and to tell us if any other circumstances have changed. For example, if:

  • you start or stop paying rent, or the amount you pay has changed
  • your living arrangements change
  • your income or assets change

Use your Centrelink online account to update other address types, such as short term or temporary addresses.

Unable to update address

You may not be able to update your address through the myGov Update Your Details service or your Centrelink online account if:

  • you have a Centrelink online account restriction
  • you are on Income Management
  • your status as either a homeowner or a non-homeowner has changed
  • you have sold your home and the proceeds from the sale are intended to be used for the purchase or construction of a new primary residence within 12 months of the sale
  • you have moved but still own the property at your former address

You will need to call us or visit one of our service centres within 14 days to advise us of any of the above updates.

Other details

If you use myGov to change your email address or mobile phone number, you may be automatically subscribed to receive electronic messages. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time.

If we need more information about your address change, we will contact you. Please make sure your contact details, such as your home and mobile numbers, are correct in your Centrelink online account.


The updates you make to your address or contact details will also be applied to other health programs that are associated with your Medicare record such as the:

  • Australian Childhood Immunisation Register
  • Australian Organ Donor Register, and
  • My Health Record system

Unable to update address

If you are listed on more than one Medicare card, you may be advised your update is unsuccessful. You will then be asked to update your address in your Medicare online account instead. Check your myGov Inbox for messages about the outcome of your update and whether you need to complete any further action.

Read more about how to Update Your Details on the myGov website.

Child Support

Child Support is not currently participating in the myGov Update Your Details service. Use your Child Support online account through myGov to tell Child Support about a change of address.

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Page last updated: 2 June 2017