Weekly payment option

In certain circumstances you may be eligible to get your income support payment weekly, instead of fortnightly.


Weekly payments are only available if you are homeless, at risk of being homeless or have considerable difficulty with your finances. You need to be receiving:

By signing up to weekly payments you will no longer be eligible for immediate or urgent payments.

How it works

If eligible, your weekly payments, including any Rent Assistance you may get, will start with your next income support payment. You will receive half of the calculated fortnightly amount. The rate of payment will be different for each person - it depends on your reported income, assets and any automatic deductions.

We consider your automatic deductions such as debt repayments, rent or Centrepay contributions before we calculate your weekly rate. The remainder of your payment is made 7 days later.

While on weekly payment arrangements, your income support payment will be in 2 instalments for your reporting period, making it easier for you to budget.

Family Tax Benefit cannot be paid on a weekly basis.


To apply for weekly payments, you will need to contact us so we can assess your eligibility.


Weekly payments are not a permanent arrangement. You will receive weekly payments until you advise us that your circumstances have improved. This may be during regular contact with us or at a review of your weekly payments, which we will schedule. Once your accommodation or financial situation has improved, you will return to fortnightly payments.

Your weekly payments will be reviewed after the arrangement has been in place for 6 months. This review may be in person or we may contact you by phone. After the first review your arrangement will be reviewed annually. During the review, we will assess:

  • your budgeting
  • if your accommodation situation has improved, and
  • if your financial situation has stabilised

You can ask to return to fortnightly payments at any time.

Income reporting

How much you earn affects your payment. We need to know what you have earned each fortnight so you are paid the right amount.

Read more about income reporting.

Page last updated: 1 December 2016

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