Rent Certificate form (SU523)

This form is not available from the website. We issue you one if required.

If you have changed or updated your address with us within the last 7 days, and advised that you are renting, lodging, or paying site mooring, maintenance, accommodation or service fees, a Rent Certificate form is automatically sent to you. It can be used to verify what you have told us.

If you need to advise us that you have changed address, the easiest way is by using your Centrelink online account or our Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

A digital copy of a Rent Certificate form may be available using the request a document option within your Centrelink online account.

You can also obtain a copy of a Rent Certificate form by calling us or visiting a service centre.

To provide us with a completed Rent Certificate form or other verification documentation we request, you can submit documents online.

If you use assistive technology because of a disability or impairment we provide help for assistive technology users of forms.

Page last updated: 15 September 2016

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