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Oromo - Information in your language

We provide translated information in Oromo to help you learn more about our payments and services.

Tajaajilaa fi kaffaltii kee caalaatti akka bartu si gargaaruuf odeeffannoo afaan Oromootti hiikame ni kennina.

Kan yoo meeshaa baraneetti gargaaramta tahee (assistive technology) fi odeeffannoo hiikame argachuu hin dandeenye tajaajila bilbila afaan danuu (multilingual phone service) keenya qunnami. If you are using assistive technology and cannot access our translated information please contact our multilingual phone service.

Dubbisi / Read

Sararaa interneta irraan barruulee hiikaman, kan odeeffannoo waa’ee kafaltii fi tajaajila keenyaa afeeran laa.

Browse our range of translated written products, which offer information about some of our payments and services.

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