Do you provide ongoing care for your grandchild?

We can offer you extra support.

Looking after children isn’t always easy. Despite the good times, it’s also a lot of work. Grandparent Advisers like Cameron are here to help grandparents who care for children.

Cameron is based in Hobart. He’s been helping customers for 10 years.

‘Grandparents often start caring for a child during a hard and stressful time,’ Cameron said. ‘Sometimes families find themselves in situations where parents can’t care for their child. ‘It’s very different being a grandparent to being a parent.

‘I speak to grandparents on the phone. I also work closely with staff and local advocacy groups.’

He says even though he’s a ‘Grandparent’ Adviser, it’s really about acting in the best interests of children.

‘Connecting people to the right payments and services can go a long way towards making sure children are safe and supported.’

Grandparent Advisers cover all states and territories. To speak to one near you, call our Grandparent Adviser line.

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Page last updated: 11 April 2017