Help us improve Carer Payment and Carer Allowance assessments

We invite carers to take part in a voluntary field test.

We’ve been meeting with carers around Australia to discuss ways to improve the assessment used for Carer Payment and Carer Allowance.

Based on your feedback we’ve created a new set of questions. We are now ready to test these with carers.

How this works

From September 2016, when you make a claim for Carer Payment or Carer Allowance, we may ask you to complete a field test form. You still need to do the usual claim form for your payments, but you can choose whether to do the field test form. We’ll only use your answers on the field test form to improve our service to you. It won’t affect your claim.

If you choose to take part, we’ll give you the field test form with your current claim form when you make a claim for payment. There are 3 sections in the field test. The 3rd is for your doctor to fill out. You can take this to your doctor when you see them for your medical report.

You’ll need to complete and return all forms together in the reply paid envelope provided.

Your feedback is important

Completing a field test form will help improve the assessment process for Carer Payment and Carer Allowance. Your feedback will help make it easier for carers to make a claim in the future. It will also ensure our claim forms better describe different care situations.

Next steps

Page last updated: 27 October 2016