Improvements to BasicsCard make money easier to access

We’ve listened to your feedback and we are making your income managed money easier to access.

Since 13 June 2016, you no longer need to go online, call or visit us to transfer money onto your BasicsCard.

Each payday, after all regular bills are paid from your income managed money, any leftover money will now go automatically to your BasicsCard and be available the next day.

You can still move money onto your BasicsCard, but only when there are available funds. You can move money off your BasicsCard and back into your Income Management account at any time. For an easy way to move money call the Income Management Line with your Customer Access Number and 6-digit phone PIN ready to enter.

You can choose to opt out of this new process. If you do, you will need to set up a regular transfer to your BasicsCard.

Next steps

To control how much money is available on your BasicsCard, you can:

  • set a maximum card limit lower than $3000
  • set a maximum daily spending limit on your card lower than $1500

If you want to opt out, or set up maximum limits on your BasicsCard, call the Income Mangement Line.

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Page last updated: 21 July 2016