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Meet Karen, one of our Agents out in the field

We have 350 Agents across the country bringing face-to-face services to rural residents.

About an hour's drive south west of Brisbane lies Boonah. It's home to about 2,500 people including our Agent Karen.

Karen works with other services in a community centre. She enjoys being able to help out her small community.

"I recently ran into a woman who had a question about aged care," Karen said. "She told me that having an Agent in town helped her find the right information quickly. Her father was able to move into a better living situation and as a result it improved her family situation."

Karen also cares for a child with chronic illness. She feels this helps her understand the problems many people can face.

When you visit someone like Karen, they can help:

  • set up access to digital services
  • answer your questions or make a referral
  • verify and copy identity documents

Karen says, "I find it rewarding to have people turn to me for help. Sometimes people just need an ear – someone to hear their story and not judge them.

My aim is to have every person leave the Agent's office feeling better than when they came in."

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Page last updated: 29 May 2017