Mobility Allowance makes a difference

woman and child on swing

Mobility Allowance has helped Sana and can help other people with a disability, illness or injury.

Sana works for us. She has a visual impairment making her almost blind and is a single mum with a disabled daughter, Nisrine.

Sana and Nisrine like to go out in the community, spend time with family and watch movies. ‘We don’t stay still’, said Sana. 

As Sana’s vision got worse, she relied more on taxis. ‘Mobility Allowance has had an impact on my life’, said Sana. ‘That little bit of extra financial support helps me get to and from work and out in the community more’.

Sana said her experience with Mobility Allowance has been positive. She explains ‘It was easy to maintain, I had a few reviews throughout, but it wasn’t too hard’.

Mobility Allowance can help you too if you participate in approved activities. If you’re someone with a disability, illness or injury and can’t use public transport without substantial assistance you may be eligible.   

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Page last updated: 5 May 2017