New changes make it even easier to sign in to your myGov account!

You can use your mobile phone number to sign in, unsuspend your account, and claim an email address from a locked account.

We do most things online these days. We pay bills, do our online shopping and keep in touch with family and friends.

We’ve made improvements to make it easier to sign in to myGov so you can get things done quicker. With the busy holiday period fast approaching, there has never been a better time to do your government business online.

We’ve made the following changes so you can manage your account and sign in the way you want.

Use your mobile phone number to sign in to myGov

All you need to do is activate your mobile number in your account settings.

Unsuspend your account

Get the security code as a text message and unsuspend your account instead of waiting for the suspension period to end automatically.

Claim an old email address from a locked account

If you have a locked myGov account with an old email, you can now re-use the old email when you create a new myGov account.

Never mistype your password again

Use the show password feature to see your password before you sign in to myGov.

Don’t forget you can also use your email to sign in and update all your personal details with member services in one transaction.

Next steps

For help signing in to your myGov account:

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Page last updated: 13 January 2017