Taskforce Integrity is focusing on welfare fraud

Welfare fraud costs all of us. It happens when someone is doing the wrong thing to claim a welfare payment they are not entitled to.

If you deliberately give us incorrect information or don’t tell us when your circumstances change, you could be committing welfare fraud.

It is important to keep your details up to date so we pay you the correct amount.

Have you:

  • reported less than you earned?
  • not declared a new job?
  • been paid in cash and didn’t tell us?

We’ve teamed up with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as Taskforce Integrity to tackle non-compliance and welfare fraud across Australia.

Detecting welfare fraud is our priority. We use advanced technology, including data matching with other agencies, such as the Australian Taxation Office, to check the information you give us is correct.

Do the right thing. It’s easy to make sure your details up to date and it’s never too late to report a change.

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Page last updated: 14 September 2016