Tips to help you get a job if you have a disability

If you have a disability and are finding it hard to get a job, there’s support available.

Support to look for a job

You can use our self service terminals in service centres to look for work. The best thing is you don’t need an appointment. You can also use our printers to print your resume and job applications.

Support to study and up skill

You may not always have the right qualifications when looking for a job. The Pensioner Education Supplement can help you find a job through study if you’re a student. It helps with the costs of full time or part time study in an approved secondary or tertiary course.

Support to get a job

Disability Employment Services can provide specialist help to find and keep a job. They help you prepare for work, search for a job and put together a resume. There’s even support when you start your job including training and coworker interaction.

JobAccess on the Department of Social Services website helps people with disability:

  • find and keep employment
  • change jobs
  • upgrade and expand their skills

This includes help writing a resume, preparing for interviews and contacting potential employers. 

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Page last updated: 13 April 2017