Claim a payment online using your Centrelink online account

Instructions to claim a payment using your Centrelink online account.


You can claim most payments online through your Centrelink online account. This guide explains the basic steps to make an online claim. Some steps may be different depending on your type of claim.  If you are claiming a payment as a carer, student or apprentice you must complete all required tasks before you can submit your claim.

Read more about which Centrelink payments you can claim online.

You’ll need to tell us about your personal situation to claim a payment online. Depending on the type of claim, you will need to give us details about your:

  • employment history
  • relationships
  • finances, such as savings and assets

Make sure you have this information before starting your claim. If you don’t have it, you can save and exit your claim and come back to it. When you return, you’ll restart your claim at the same place.

Step 1: sign in and start an online claim

Sign in to myGov and select your Centrelink online account to access full menu options and your homepage.

Select the My profile tile and make sure your details are correct before starting your claim.

Select the Online Claims tile, then Start a new claim to begin.

You can also view, restart, cancel or withdraw previous online claims when you select this tile.

Step 2: select a category

Select Get started from the category which best describes your circumstances. You can select from:

  • Students, Trainees or Apprentices
  • Seniors
  • Concession Cards
  • Assistance after a disaster
  • Carers
  • Disabled, ill or injured
  • Looking for work
  • Families, or
  • Other

In this guide, we’ll apply for Newstart Allowance as part of the Looking for work category. If you’re applying for one of the following payments, you'll need to provide more information before you can submit your claim:

  • Youth Allowance as a student
  • Austudy
  • Carer Payment
  • Carer Allowance
  • Age Pension

Some steps may be different depending on the payment you claim.

Step 3: tell us your personal circumstances

We’ll ask you questions to help determine if you should claim this type of payment.

Answer all the questions then select Claim now.

Intention to claim

If you’ve already contacted us about this payment, we may be able to backdate the payment to the first date you contacted us. We can backdate payments up to 14 days.

If it’s been more than 14 days since you started your claim, tell us what delayed you and we may be able to backdate your payment further.

Answer any questions then select Next

Step 4: check your eligibility

To check your eligibility, we’ll ask you questions about:

  • your residence
  • your situation, and
  • your finances

Answer all the questions, then select Next.

You won’t be able to complete your claim unless you answer all the questions.

Whenever displayed, you can select:

  • highlighted text to find out what it means
  • the help text or question mark icon to access and close the help menu
  • Back if you need to change or correct any previous answers
  • edit or pencil icon to update or remove details

Step 5: review and submit

We’ll give you a summary of your claim.

If any of the details are wrong, select Update to edit them.

After editing the details, select the Review and submit tile to return to your claim summary.

Select print to print a copy of your claim summary.

To receive your payment, you must meet your obligations. Select my obligations to read the Terms and Conditions of your claim.

Check that your claim summary is correct.

If this is correct, and you have read, understood and accept your obligations, check the Declaration then select Submit.

For some payments you will need to book an appointment and provide more information to support your claim. You will also have to upload documents, before or after submitting your claim. We’ll tell you if and when you need to do this. 

If you don’t need to book an appointment or provide supporting information, go to step 8.

Select Continue to book an appointment or provide the additional information we may ask for.

Step 6: book an appointment

Select Book appointment to choose a date.

Select the phone number you want us to contact you on using the drop down menu.

To tell us when to call you, select the calendar icon and choose the date, then select the time from the drop down menu.

Select Next to confirm your appointment time.

We’ll confirm your appointment date and time.

If we ask you to provide more information to support your claim, select Next.

If we haven’t asked you to provide more information, select Finish to finalise your claim and go to step 8.

Step 7: upload supporting documents

We’ll tell you if you need to provide more information or complete other forms to support your claim.

If you need more time to get the information we’ve asked for, select Next and pause your claim.

You have 14 days to supply the information to support your claim.

Once ready, select the Upload documents tile on your online account homepage to upload the supporting documents.

If you can upload the supporting documents now, select Upload documents to submit them.

Read our step by step guide and learn how to submit documents using your Centrelink online account.

Once you’ve uploaded the supporting documents for your claim, select Finish.

To confirm your identity, documents must be original and supplied in person. Read more about confirming your identity.

Step 8: finish your claim

We’ll give you a Claim ID once your claim has been completed and submitted.

Use the Claim ID if you need to follow up with us over the phone or in person at a service centre.

You can select:

  • the Printer icon to print a copy of your Claim ID
  • Back and return to a previous screen
  • Your Online Claims to view your claims history and withdraw your claim, if required
  • Return to Online Services and return to your online account homepage

Step 9: sign out

Once you are back at your online account homepage, you can complete other transactions.

Select Return to myGov to return to your myGov account.

For your privacy and security, ensure you sign out of your myGov account when you have finished using it.

View other online account guides and video demonstrations about using your online account.

Page last updated: 16 June 2017