Payment Finder help

Get help with Payment Finder options, results, in-page help and your privacy.

Payment Finder is a way for you to learn more about our payments and services. You can use the Payment Finder for yourself or for someone else. Select the options that best describes your situation and the Payment Finder will suggest payments for you to explore further.

Your options

Tell us your age by dragging the age slider left and right. You can also use your keyboard's left and right arrows to move the slider.

Choose an option from each section. If none apply select 'none of these'. This helps filter the results.

When you select an option it will turn a darker colour. Don't want that option? Simply select the option again to deselect it. If you are using a keyboard, you can tab through the buttons; press enter, to select, press enter again, to deselect.

When you have finished select the 'read more' button to get your results.

Your results

Your results will display a list of payments you can explore further. We will give you a brief description and basic eligibility information. Select the 'read more' button to go to more detailed information about that payment. From there, you can read the eligibility and conditions and look at the related benefits. Then, decide whether you want to make a claim. If you decide that a payment on the results list is not relevant to you, you can remove it by selecting 'remove from list.'

You can print, email or bookmark your results page.

Help answering the questions

Move your mouse over any option to see more information. You can also see additional details at the end of each section by selecting the help icon.

Your privacy

Your privacy is important and we do not ask you any questions that can identify you. Your selections are stored on your computer, so that you can return to your results at any time. We do not keep this information on our system.

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Page last updated: 9 August 2016