Centrelink Confirmation eServices

Organisations can obtain information directly from us about their customers in order to check eligibility for concessions, rebates, and services. The service is free and secure.

Using Centrelink Confirmation eServices (CCes)

We will disclose the information an organisation needs in order to determine your eligibility for the concession or service you are claiming from them. In most cases, this will allow the organisation to tell you straight away whether you are eligible for their concession, rebate, or services.

The organisation will need your consent in order to access information about you through CCeS. The organisation will only be provided with information necessary to confirm your eligibility for the concession, rebate, or service you are claiming.

Benefits of Centrelink Confirmation eServices

Centrelink Confirmation eServices saves you time and effort. Before, you had to ask us for the information and send or take it to the organisation yourself.

You may want to use Centrelink Confirmation eServices (CCeS) if you receive a concession, rebate, or service from an organisation that needs you to provide or confirm some of the information we hold about you.

Read more about the benefits of CCeS.

Types of confirmation services

Customer, income and superannuation confirmation services can be accessed through the Centrelink Confirmation eService.

Customer confirmation

Some organisations need to confirm that you are our customer and are receiving a particular type of payment or concession card before they provide you with a particular concession, rebate, or service.

With your consent, we will match the Centrelink Reference Number you provide to the organisation with our records, to confirm whether or not you are a current customer receiving a qualifying payment or concession card.

Information we provide to the organisation may include whether you have a current Pensioner Concession Card or Health Care Card; your name; residential address; number of dependent children; payment type, status, and amount; and other information relevant to the organisation’s requirements for determining whether you are eligible for its concession.

We will only confirm information the organisation needs.

Income confirmation

To determine your entitlement to rebates or services, the organisation may need information relating to your past and current financial status.

The information we are asked to provide may include:

  • the type, amount, and date of the pension or allowance payments we make to you, including irregular payments such as maternity or telephone allowances
  • the number of dependent children included under your family-payment assessment, and the percentage of shared care for each child
  • details of any amounts being deducted from your Centrelink payments
  • details of any other income you have told us about
  • details of your assets
  • confirmation of your current residential address
  • whether you are partnered or not
  • historical information about any of the above details

We will only provide information the organisation needs. The organisation that you are claiming concessions, rebates, or services from will be able to tell you what information it requires.

Superannuation confirmation

Superannuation confirmation is used by administrators and trustees of superannuation funds to obtain information about your income-support status. They use this to determine whether to release your superannuation early on financial-hardship grounds.

We will provide them with confirmation of your personal details and advice on your income support eligibility, on the basis of the rules for early superannuation release.

Security and privacy

There are strict security and privacy rules, and you will need to give your consent to the organisation before it can access your details from us. Your consent may be required on a continuing basis until you withdraw your consent or stop using the services of that organisation, or for a single request. The Consent Notice you sign should say what type of personal information is being requested about you and what it will be used for.

Read more about Your right to privacy to find out more about how we handle your personal information.

If you believe that your privacy or confidentiality has been infringed, you can discuss it with your service provider or contact us.

You can also ask us to update your customer record in order to prevent information about you from being sent to particular organisations.

Applying for Centrelink Confirmation eServices

Applying is easy. Simply contact your concession or service provider to check whether it is approved for Centrelink Confirmation eServices, and complete a Consent Authority.

Contact your nearest service centre for more information.

How a concession or service provider receives CCeS confirmation

Approved users from the concession, rebate, or service provider’s organisation access a secure site through the internet and select the confirmation service they need. We control and monitor their access.

The user enters details about you, such as your Customer Reference Number and name, so that we can make sure the right customer details are provided.

We then provide the user with immediate confirmation results or an income statement, on the basis of what the organisation needs in order to determine your eligibility for their concession, rebate, or service.

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Page last updated: 13 December 2016