Centrelink phone self service

Centrelink phone self service gives you a range of options to hear and provide information about your income support payment.

Phone self service options

We provide a phone self service line and reporting line.

Self service line - 136 240

Use this line to:

  • access payment information, such as past and future payments
  • update your family income estimate
  • complete your review of Rent Assistance
  • apply for an advance payment
  • hear your Working Credit or Income Bank balance, and
  • request an income statement, replacement card, or other documents be sent to you in the mail

Reporting line - 133 276

Use this line fortnightly to:

  • report your employment income
  • tell us if you have met your Mutual Obligation Requirements outlined in your Job Plan


You can register for phone self service:

  • using the phone self service line 136 240 to self register
  • by calling us on your regular payment 13 number
  • at a service centre

When you register for self service you will be asked a number of questions to ensure the security of your account. You will need to have your driver's licence and bank account number handy when you make the call.

Once you have satisfied the registration requirements, you will be issued with a personal identification number (PIN).

Create a voiceprint

Creating a unique voiceprint allows you to quickly and easily verify your identity when you call us. You will be offered the option to upgrade from your PIN each time you call us.

If you are an existing customer and chose not to create a voiceprint, you can continue to use your PIN.

Read more about how to create a voice biometrics voiceprint.

Using phone self service

When you call, make sure you have your Customer Access Number (CAN) and PIN handy. When you hear the prompts:

  • say your CAN, including the letter at the end
  • when asked, either key your PIN or repeat the pass phrase for voiceprint, then
  • listen to the menu, and make your choice to continue

Once you are familiar with our services, you can say what you want as soon as the list starts. The service will guide you through the rest.

You do not have to talk extra loudly or extra slowly, just speak naturally.

CANs and CRNs

These numbers are how we recognise your personal record. For most people, your CAN is the same as your CRN (Customer Reference Number).

However, some people, especially those who have claimed online, may have a CAN that is not the same as their CRN. If this applies to you:

  • use your CAN when using self service or calling any of our payment lines
  • use your CRN when talking to staff in a service centre

Phone self service help

If you experience difficulties using phone self service, stay on the line and you will be transferred to a service officer during staff support hours, 8 am to 8 pm local time, Monday to Friday.

Smartphone users

If you have a smartphone, you may experience reliability issues when using the screen to make keypad selections in phone self service.

Phone self service is designed for you to speak your answers. If you choose to use the keypad, turn down the volume on your smart phone to reduce feedback and improve accuracy.

This advice may also help if you use Internet Protocol (IP) telephony such as a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone service.

Page last updated: 12 July 2016