Community Engagement Officers

These officers can help you access information, payments and services if you have complex needs and difficulty managing your income support requirements.

Community Engagement Officers provide services to vulnerable people including those experiencing homelessness. They help customers who have difficulties accessing mainstream department services and require alternative approaches.

As well as supporting individual customers, these Officers provide outreach services. They establish connections with community agencies and provide education sessions for their staff and customers on how to access the department’s services and products.

How we can help

Community Engagement Officers can help you:

  • manage your income support and other business with us
  • link with government and community services for assistance and other support

Our social workers can help you by providing counselling, support and information.

Where we provide services

Community Engagement Officers deliver services in locations such as:

  • rehabilitation centres
  • mental health facilities
  • specialist accommodation services
  • hostels,
  • refuges
  • drop-in centres, and
  • organised meeting places

Community Engagement Officers provide help in locations where you feel comfortable and can be supported by others.

Ask at your local service centre about Community Engagement Officers and social work services.

Page last updated: 12 February 2016