Energy Supplement

An ongoing payment for pensioners, families who receive family assistance, income support payment customers and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders.

Eligibility basics

  • receive an income support payment, pension or Family Tax Benefit from us
  • are residing in Australia
You might be affected by recent changes. Read more about changes to family payments.


The Energy Supplement will be paid automatically with your regular payment, providing you are living in Australia and receive:

If you are eligible, you will be paid automatically. You don't need to apply or contact us.

Supplement amount

The amount of your Energy Supplement depends on your circumstances and the payment you receive.

You can be paid for the first 6 weeks of a temporary absence from Australia if you continue to receive your regular payment.

Most customers can elect to receive the Energy Supplement quarterly. You can change your payment frequency at any time by contacting us.

ABSTUDY Master's and Doctorate customers and customers with a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card can only receive their Energy Supplement quarterly.

The Energy Supplement is not:

  • taxable
  • indexed, or
  • considered income for family assistance or income support purposes

If your regular payment is subject to Income Management, the Energy Supplement will be income managed in line with your existing Income Management arrangements.

The Energy Supplement may be used to recover overpayments.

What to do if your account is overdrawn

There is support available to help you manage your money if you have overdrawn your bank, building society or credit union account.

Read more about what to do if your account is overdrawn.

Page last updated: 20 September 2016