Job Commitment Bonus

Helps unemployed young Australians find and keep work.

The Job Commitment Bonus stopped on 31 December 2016. You can still get the payment if you were eligible on or before this date.

Who can get it

There are 2 Job Commitment Bonus payments.

You can claim if on or before 31 December 2016 you were eligible for:

  • payment 1 of $2,500, or
  • payment 2 of $4,000

Payment 1

You can get this payment if:

  • you're aged 18 to 30 years and for at least 12 months got:
  • your allowance stopped between 1 July 2014 and 31 December 2015 because you worked for at least 12 months, and
  • you're an Australian citizen or permanent visa holder living in Australia

Payment 2

You can get this payment if you:

  • got the first Job Commitment Bonus payment
  • have worked for another 12 months, continuing from your first 12 months
  • haven't got a payment during this time, and
  • are an Australian citizen or permanent visa holder living in Australia

Continuous work

To get the payments you must complete a period of continuous work.

Continuous work includes:

  • taking paid leave
  • taking up to 28 days of unpaid leave inside the 12 months
  • doing more than 1 job inside the 12 months at the same time or one after the other, with less than 5 days between them

Gainful work

Gainful work is working as an employee or self employed person for:

  • wages
  • commissions
  • fees
  • payments made to you for products or services you provide

We don't accept certain types of work. This includes work that:

  • doesn't involve sufficient financial gain or reward
  • doesn't involve personal exertion. For example, selling personal goods on eBay or social media activity
  • involves domestic or gardening tasks at home
  • involves caring for a family member or foster child at your home or your family's home
  • involves domestic tasks for someone else
  • involves managing financial investments for you or a family member
  • involves nudity or is in the sex industry
  • breaks Commonwealth, state or territory legislation
  • aims to achieve election to public office
  • is part of certain Commonwealth funded programs
  • is for a scholarship, or
  • involves payment in kind or exchange for services

Special Category visa holders

You can't get the Job Commitment Bonus if you're a Special Category visa (SCV) holder.

To claim this bonus you must:

  • get a permanent visa before starting work, or
  • get Australian citizenship before starting work, and
  • meet all other rules

Read about New Zealand citizens claiming payments in Australia.

How much you get

  • $2,500 for 12 months of continuous work, and
  • $4,000 for another 12 months of continuous work, at the end of 24 months

Each bonus is a single lump sum payment. These aren't taxable income.


Claim your bonus online.

Start your claim online

If you already have a myGov account

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If you don't have a Centrelink online account

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This is anyone who’s had a payment or concession from us before, no matter how long ago.

If you haven’t been a Centrelink customer before

Visit a service centre and tell us you want to register for an online account. You’ll need to bring photo ID with you.

This is anyone who’s never had a payment or concession from us before.


When to claim

You have 90 days to make a claim once eligible.

If there's a reason you can't claim within 90 days, contact us. This can include not getting a reminder message or serious illness. You’ll get an extra 90 days to claim.

Submit other documents

You need to provide:

  • the name of your employer
  • the start and finish dates of your work in the 12 months
  • a description of the work
  • your first and final payslips within the 12 months or your tax return or Notice of Assessment, and
  • any dates you took unpaid leave

Wait for the results

We’ll tell you:

  • if we accept your claim
  • when we’ll pay you
  • how much you’ll get

We’ll send you a reminder through myGov if you can get the Job Commitment Bonus.

You have the right to appeal our decision. Read about reviews and appeals.

Change of circumstances

You need to tell us if there are changes to your:

Read about reporting your change of circumstances.

Page last updated: 9 June 2017