Job in Jeopardy Assistance

Assistance for people at risk of losing their job because of illness, injury or disability.

If you are at risk of losing your job because you are ill, injured, or have a disability, Job in Jeopardy Assistance can help by seeing what can be done to keep you with your current employer. It does not help you find a new job. Job in Jeopardy Assistance is free and is available through direct registration with a Disability Employment Provider. You do not need to be getting a payment from us or have an Employment Services Assessment to access Job in Jeopardy assistance.

Through a Disability Employment Provider, Job in Jeopardy Assistance may include:

  • advice about redesigning your job so you can keep working
  • having your workplace assessed to see how it can be changed to make it easier for you to work
  • having your workplace changed so you can continue to work
  • specialised equipment to help you do your job


To be eligible for Job in Jeopardy Assistance, you must have been employed for at least eight hours a week on average over the last 13 weeks, and not receiving assistance from a Disability Employment Services Provider.

People who meet these requirements can approach a Disability Employment Services Provider directly for assistance. People can contact us for information on their local providers.


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Page last updated: 1 June 2017