Multicultural Service Officers

Specialists who help migrant and refugee communities connect with Australian Government services.

Multicultural Service Officers help us connect with migrant and refugee communities. They help multicultural communities access Australian Government programs and services by building relationships which enables us to break down barriers. They consult with communities and get feedback about the impact and effectiveness of government initiatives on migrant and refugee communities. This helps us improve the way we deliver our services.

Around 70 officers operate across Australia from metropolitan to regional and rural service centres.

What they do

Multicultural Service Officers:

  • promote services to refugee and migrant communities
  • provide information to customers and community organisations
  • participate in local community and interagency forums and networks
  • facilitate local multicultural advisory groups
  • provide us and other government departments with community feedback
  • provide multicultural service delivery and cross-cultural training to our staff
  • provide support and assistance to our staff in complex cases
  • facilitate cross-cultural communication through the use of interpreters
  • organise information seminars in partnership with community agencies
  • work with community agencies to develop programs to improve social and economic participation of multicultural customers
  • identify service gaps and barriers, to help improve customer satisfaction

We can help you if you speak a language other than English.

Page last updated: 28 April 2016