Social work services

We can help you during difficult times in your life by providing counselling, support and information.

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How we can help you

Social workers can help if you are experiencing a crisis, are in need of support, or are unsure how to access the right assistance.

People of all ages can talk to social workers about:

  • family and domestic violence
  • homelessness
  • relationship breakdown
  • loss and bereavement
  • mental health and
  • addictions

Social work help can include:

  • short term counselling and support for difficult personal or family issues
  • exploring options
  • information about, or referrals to, government and community support services
  • discussing difficulties you are having in meeting departmental obligations or your requirements

Who we help

Social workers give priority to people with highly complex needs who don’t have support from family or other services in the community: 

  • those thinking about suicide
  • those with untreated or unstable mental illness
  • young people
  • those experiencing distress as a result of family and domestic violence, homelessness or hardship
  • those caring for someone with a disability or serious illness

Mental health

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety or have been diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder, you may find it helpful to talk to somebody about your situation. Read more about mental health support services available in your state or territory.

Experiencing violence

If you are experiencing family or domestic violence, social workers can offer you counselling and support. We can help you access services in the community including:

  • specialist family and domestic violence services
  • emergency accommodation and longer term housing assistance
  • financial assistance
  • counselling
  • health services
  • legal services

Natural disaster support

Our social workers can provide counselling, support and information about the services that are available for people who have been affected by natural disaster.

Call 180 22 66 if you have been affected by a natural disaster and would like to arrange to speak with a social worker.


Social workers treat all your personal and family information as confidential. If your social worker refers you to an organisation for assistance, they can only pass on information about you with your consent.

If you need an interpreter, the interpreter is also required to treat your information as confidential.

How to contact a social worker

Social workers are available in many of our service centres around Australia or you can speak to one over the phone.

  • call 132 850 and ask to speak to a social worker, or
  • visit your local service centre to be referred to a social worker

You can bring a family member or a friend to your appointment.

If you need an interpreter, let us know and we can arrange one for you.


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Page last updated: 5 February 2016