Tasmania East Coast Storms and Floods – June 2016 – Ex-Gratia Income Support Allowance

Assistance for eligible New Zealand non-protected Special Category visa holders who lost income as a direct result of the Tasmania East Coast Storms and Floods, June 2016.

Employees, primary producers or sole traders who can demonstrate they have experienced a loss of income have until 27 December2016 to make a claim for the following regions Local Government Areas:

  • Break O’Day
  • Burnie
  • Central Coast,
  • Central Highlands
  • Circular Head
  • Derwent Valley
  • Devonport
  • Dorset
  • George Town
  • Glamorgan/Spring Bay
  • Kentish
  • Latrobe
  • Launceston
  • Meander Valley
  • Northern Midlands
  • Southern Midlands
  • Waratah-Wynyard
  • West Tamar

About the Ex-gratia Income Support Allowance

The Ex-gratia Income Support Allowance is a short term payment to assist individuals who can demonstrate their income has been affected as a direct result of a declared disaster.

It is payable for a maximum of 13 weeks from the date at which you have, or will have, a loss of income as a direct result of the storms and floods that occurred in June 2016.

The Ex-gratia Income Support Allowance is a taxable payment and is considered income for tax purposes. If you are receiving a Family Tax Benefit, or have a current Child Support assessment in place, you should update your income (estimate).


You are eligible for assistance if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • you are 16 years of age or older at the time of the storms and floods and are not a dependent child
  • you are a holder of a non-protected Special Category visa (subclass 444) and a non-resident under the Social Security Act 1991
  • you have participated in the Australian tax system for at least one year in the past 3 financial years or are currently engaged in income-generating activities with a likelihood of paying tax in Australia on or before 27 June 2017
  • you derive an income by working in the affected area, or reside in the affected area
  • you have experienced a loss of income as a direct result of the Tasmania East Coast Storms and Floods – June 2016
  • you are not receiving an income support payment or pension such as Age Pension, Newstart Allowance, Farm Household Allowance, or a Service Pension from the Department of Veterans' Affairs for the same period you are claiming this payment
  • your income is less than the relevant income threshold amount in the fortnight following the loss of income

If you are a member of a couple, you can both receive this payment if you each qualify in your own right.

Dependent child

If you are between 16 and 21 years of age inclusive, your eligibility is determined on whether you are considered a dependent child. Your income, personal circumstances and whether you are wholly or substantially dependent on anyone, such as an adult who has legal responsibility for your day to day care or welfare and provides financial assistance, will be considered.

If you are considered independent, your maximum rate of payment will be determined by your accommodation and personal circumstances.

Reporting requirements

If you are eligible for this payment you will be required to report your income and any changes each fortnight in order to receive your payment.

What information to provide

If you have never been a Centrelink customer before you will need to provide identity documents with your claim.

You will need to provide evidence supporting the claimed loss of income. For example, pay slips from an employer, bank statements showing previous bank deposits from an employer, a letter from the employer, BAS statements, income tax returns, or other account documents identifying cash flow.

If you cannot provide this immediately, you should still lodge a claim without delay. If you have difficulty obtaining this information, please contact us on 180 22 66.

Payment rates

The maximum payment rate is the equivalent of Newstart or Youth Allowance, based on your circumstances. Your rate of payment will be affected by your income prior to and following the disaster.

As at 20 September 2016 - Aged 22 years and over Maximum rate per fortnight
Single, no children $528.70
Single, dependent child, principal carer $571.90
Single, dependent child, but not principal carer $571.90
Partnered (each person) $477.40
As at 12 January 2016 - Aged 16 - 21 years Maximum rate per fortnight
Single, under 18 living at home $237.10
Single, 18 - 21 living at home $285.20
Single or partnered away from home $433.20
Partnered with dependants $475.70
Single with dependants $567.60

Claiming options

You can make a claim:

In person, by post, or by fax

If you post or fax your claim to us, ensure your supporting evidence is clearly identified with your name.

By phone

  • call us on 180 22 66
  • to speak to us in languages other than English, call 131 202

Page last updated: 28 September 2016