Medicare Entitlement Statement

Used to support your application for a Medicare levy exemption with the Australian Taxation Office.

The Medicare Entitlement Statement was previously known as the Medicare levy exemption certificate.


If you live in Australia and aren’t eligible for Medicare during all or part of a financial year, you may claim an exemption from paying the Medicare levy.

Before you can claim an exemption from the Medicare levy you must submit an Application for a Medicare Entitlement Statement form. Where your application has been assessed and you’re not eligible for Medicare, we’ll send you a Medicare Entitlement Statement.

You aren’t eligible for Medicare if you:

  • are a permanent resident of Australia and have been absent from Australia for 12 months or more, don’t live in Australia or haven’t returned to Australia to reside permanently
  • are an Australian citizen absent from Australia for 5 years or more
  • are a New Zealand citizen that travels frequently in and out of Australia and spends less than 6 months in a 12 month period in Australia - read more about Medicare enrolment for New Zealand citizens
  • don’t meet the criteria under a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement
  • haven't applied for permanent residency

You may not be eligible for an exemption if you have a dependent who is eligible for Medicare.


Complete the Application for a Medicare Entitlement Statement form.

Before submitting your application

Make sure you:

  • complete all questions on the application form
  • sign the form
  • provide legible certified copies of all the following supporting documents with the application:
    • the photo page of your passport
    • evidence of visas to cover the period claiming
    • all Australian arrival stamps, and
    • a copy of your European Health Insurance Card, National Health Service card or other health insurance card specific to your country if you lived in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Italy, Malta, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Belgium or Slovenia immediately before entering Australia – this must show an expiry date

Certified documents

Copies of your supporting documents must be certified as true and correct by a:

  • legal practitioner
  • medical practitioner
  • pharmacist
  • police officer, or
  • Justice of the Peace

If you’re outside Australia, you can read a full list of authorised witnesses who can certify documents on the Attorney-General’s Department website.

Submit your application

Send your completed form and certified copies of your supporting documents to the Medicare Entitlement Statement Unit by email, fax or post.

We recommend you email documents in PDF.

Application outcome

We’ll assess your Medicare Entitlement Statement. If approved, we’ll issue a statement certifying you as not eligible for Medicare benefits for a particular period.

The Australian Taxation Office requires you to acknowledge you've been issued a statement when completing your tax return. The Australian Taxation Office assesses whether you get  an exemption from the Medicare levy.

Read more about the Medicare levy exemption on the Australian Taxation Office website.

Revoke certification

Medicare eligibility is assessed on information known to us at the time of application. If information becomes known to us that changes the outcome of the original assessment, we can revoke the certification. This may result in a debt to the Australian Taxation Office.

Page last updated: 20 February 2017