Medicare online accounts

A secure way for you to view, update, submit a claim and request some of your Medicare information online.

What you can do online

You can:

  • confirm eligibility and your entitlement balance for the Child Dental Benefits Schedule
  • request a replacement or duplicate Medicare card
  • update your bank account details
  • update your personal details - you cannot update your name or date of birth online, you need to visit a service centre to provide confirmation of identity
  • receive some Medicare letters online
  • submit Medicare claims for some item numbers
  • view and print your Medicare Safety Net balance
  • view and print your organ donor registration details
  • view, download and print some of your Medicare claims history for up to 3 years before your request
  • view, download and print your child's immunisation history statement
  • view your Individual Healthcare Identifier number history
  • view and update your Individual Healthcare Identifier number alternative names
  • view your Care Plan access history

Request your Medicare claims history

If you think there is something missing from your statement or the details are incorrect, visit a service centre with a copy of your statement or call us.


To register for a Medicare online account, you need to be:

  • enrolled in Medicare
  • aged 14 or older, and
  • living in Australia

Register now for a Medicare online account.

With a myGov account you can access multiple Australian Government online accounts with 1 username and password. You will be asked a set of questions for security purposes based on information you have already given to Centrelink, Medicare or Child Support.

Read the conditions of use and access carefully before you agree to them, as they govern your access to our online accounts.

Once you have a Medicare online account through myGov, you can also use the Express Plus Medicare mobile app to complete some of your Medicare business.

Claiming options

The easiest way to claim Medicare benefits is through your doctor’s practice, if they offer electronic claiming.

They can send the claim to us through a secure internet connection or through the practice's EFTPOS terminal using your EFTPOS card. Your Medicare benefit will be paid into the bank account registered with us, usually on the next working day.

If your doctor’s practice does not offer electronic claiming, you can claim your Medicare benefit yourself using your Medicare online account through myGov.

Read more about which item numbers can be claimed this way.

If you are unable to claim online use one of the other Medicare claiming options.

Privacy and security

We keep your personal information secure and value your online security. We offer a range of secure online and digital tools to help make it easier for you to do business with us.

Every time you access your Medicare online account, you will see a security page with information about your access history. If you believe your information has been accessed without your approval, call us.

Read more about:

Help using your Medicare online account

Help is available to resolve any issues you may have accessing your Medicare online account through myGov.

Read more about troubleshooting.

Forgotten your password

If you have forgotten your password you can:

Online guides and video demonstrations

Watch the instructional demonstration videos on how to use your Medicare online account through myGov.

Cancel your Medicare online account

You can cancel your Medicare online account by selecting cancel registration from within your Medicare online account.

If you want to access your Medicare online account in the future, you will need to sign in to myGov and select Medicare to create a new account.

If you unlink Medicare from your myGov account, you will no longer be able to access your Medicare online account, but it will remain active.

Express Plus Medicare mobile app

Express plus medicare app
Express plus medicare app
Express plus medicare app

Submit your claim for some items using your Express Plus Medicare mobile app.

Page last updated: 22 August 2016