Accessing DVA CVC reports using HPOS

A guide to using HPOS to view Patient Treatment Reports and Provider Summary Reports for the DVA Coordinated Veterans' Care (CVC) program.

You can use HPOS to view Patient Treatment Reports and Provider Summary Reports that form part of the Department of Veterans' Affairs Coordinated Veterans' Care (DVA CVC) program. Reports are available on a quarterly basis.

Read more about the Coordinated Veterans' Care program including patient eligibility and health provider training on the DVA website.

You do not need to apply for access to the reports, once you have registered for HPOS your access is automatic. Each quarter you can access Provider Summary Reports outlining each of your CVC enrolled patients, and their Patient Treatment Reports outlining the DVA services accessed by each patient.

You must have an individual PKI certificate to view these reports through HPOS. PKI certificates ensure that information you submit through our online services is secure. Read more about PKI certificates, including how to get one.

View DVA CVC Patient Treatment Reports and Provider Summary Reports

  • select Reports from the main menu
  • select DVA Patient Treatment Reports
  • select Subscriptions
  • the reports will then appear in the Statements screen
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Page last updated: 25 January 2016

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