Accessing Hearing Services eClaiming system using HPOS

A guide to help health professionals submit and view claims to the Office of Hearing Services in HPOS.

You can use HPOS for the Hearing Services eClaiming system to:

  • submit hearing services claims, and
  • download post assessment files to help you reconcile your accounts

Contact the Hearing Services eClaiming helpdesk, if you experience any problems with the system.

Requesting access to Hearing Services in HPOS

You must be an accredited provider through the Office of Hearing to get access to HPOS. You must also be a qualified practitioner with an allocated number working under a hearing service provider contracted. Read more information for professionals, including how to become an accredited provider at the Office of Hearing Services (OHS) website.

Accredited providers will be allocated a user ID, default password, Minor Customer Identifier and Authentication File Name, before they can access the Hearing Services eClaiming system. You do not require a PKI certificate to access the system.

Upload hearing services claim

Upload hearing services claim batch files for Human Services assessment and payment processing.

How to upload hearing services batch files

  • select Hearing Services eClaiming logon only from the main menu in HPOS

Download the post assessment files

Download the post assessment into Accepted, Rejected and Summary files for accounts reconciliation. When an electronic claim batch file is uploaded and accepted by the e-Claim facility, the service records are assessed and processed then written into Accepted, Rejected and Summary data files, which are made available for download by the Hearing Service Provider and also transmitted to the OHS for account reconciliation.

How to download summary files

  • select Hearing Services eClaiming logon only from the main menu in HPOS
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Page last updated: 17 February 2017

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