Botulinum Toxin Program

Patients need an Authority prescription to get treatment under the Botulinum Toxin Program.

The program aligns with other Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) arrangements by using PBS prescriptions and hospital pharmacy coordination points.

About the program

To receive treatment under the PBS subsidised Section 100 Botulinum Toxin Program, patients require an authority prescription.

Items available under this program are listed as authority required (STREAMLINED). They can only be dispensed to approved prescribers from hospital pharmacies approved under section 94 of the National Health Act 1953. Non-reform public hospitals are not included for the Botulinum Toxin Program in the PBS.

Information for medical practitioners

Only eligible medical practitioners can prescribe and administer Botulinum Toxin Program medicines. To be eligible, you must:

  • meet PBS requirements, and
  • have the experience and qualifications relevant for botulinum toxin indication, outlined in the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits on the PBS website

When you prescribe items under this program, you must:

  • check your patient is eligible for the relevant botulinum toxin indication on the Schedule
  • use the standard PBS/RPBS Authority prescription form, or a computer generated PBS/RPBS Authority prescription form, and
  • include the streamlined authority code on the prescription that matches the eligibility criteria for your patient

If you are prescribing increased quantities or additional repeats, you must seek prior approval from us, or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).

Prescriptions for botulinum toxin items can only be dispensed at an approved hospital pharmacy. The items will only be supplied directly to the medical practitioner. Patients must not handle botulinum toxin items.

You can tell your patients:

  • they may be charged the patient contribution general or concessional amount and the amount paid will count towards their PBS Safety Net, and
  • you will collect their items for their next visit

Information for hospital pharmacists

Only approved private or participating public hospital pharmacies are authorised to dispense items under this program.

As the dispensing pharmacist, you:

  • can only supply this item directly to the prescribing medical practitioner
  • need to have an arrangement in place with the prescriber to provide these items, and
  • need to order botulinum toxin items from a pharmaceutical wholesaler or direct from the manufacturer

You will be reimbursed for these items in the same way you are reimbursed for items under the Highly Specialised Drugs (HSD) Program. Your reimbursement is calculated using Approved Ex-Manufacturer Price (AEMP), not ex-wholesaler pricing.

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