Bulk Bill Payment Report

Bulk Bill Payment Report for Medicare Easyclaim

This table shows the total payment deposited into the payee providers bank account for the transactions that were assessed prior to cut off within the date range.

Date From: 10/12/2007

Date To: 13/12/2007

Payee Provider Number: 249998AB

BSB Code: 018018

Bank Account No.: 12345678

Bank Account Name: ISON PTY LTD

Servicing Provider No. Trans Id Claim Id Patient Name Patient MC No. and IRN Date of lodgement Claim Benefit Paid Deposit Amount Payment Run Date Payment Run No.
1234569F 00607121112154505998822S C0001$ Patient A 4899674323 1 11/12/2007 $38.20 $218.40 11/12/2007 1212
2876598G 00607121112154505998822S C0002$ Patient B 4825674323 1 11/12/2007 $38.20 $218.40 11/12/2007 1212
1234569F 00607121113154505998822S C0003$ Patient C 2556974512 3 11/12/2007 $38.20 $218.40 11/12/2007 1212
1234569F 00607121113154505998822S C0004$ Patient D 2156974512 3 11/12/2007 $32.80 $218.40 11/12/2007 1212
2876598G 00607121118181205998822M C0005$ Patient E 4899675435 1 11/12/2007 $32.80 $200.10 12/12/2007 1213
2876598G 00607121118054805998822M C0006$ Patient F 4899675435 2 11/12/2007 $32.80 $200.10 12/12/2007 1213

The columns are explained as the following:

  • Servicing Provider Number - provider who performed the service
  • Trans ID - unique identifier for each claim generated by the financial institution and shown on the receipt
  • Claim ID - generated by Medicare during the assessment
  • Patient Name - patient’s last and first name
  • Patient MC Number and IRN - patient’s Medicare card number and individual reference number that identifies the patient on the Medicare card
  • Date of Lodgment - date service was transmitted
  • Claim Benefit Paid - benefit amount paid to provider for all services within a claim
  • Deposit Amount - total benefit amount to the provider for this report with the same payment run number
  • Payment Run Date - date payment made to provider
  • Payment Run Number - daily sequential run number


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