Growth Hormone Program

The Growth Hormone Program provides subsidised PBS treatment to eligible children under a number of categories.

About the program

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) subsidised section 100 Growth Hormone Program provides treatment to eligible children of short stature. This is with the aim of helping them to achieve a final height within the normal population range.

Patients require an approved Authority prescription to receive treatment under the Growth Hormone Program.

Medicines available under this program are listed as Written Authority. However, they are administered in the same way as a Complex Authority Required (CAR) listing.

The prescriptions can be dispensed from the patient’s choice of approved supplier, such as an approved pharmacy or dispensing doctor.

Find out which medicines are available under the Growth Hormone Program on the PBS website.

Information for medical practitioners

When prescribing medicines under this program, you must use the standard PBS/RPBS Authority prescription form (PB024),or use a computer generated PBS/RPBS Authority prescription form (PB022).

You need to specify the brand of growth hormone medicine on the prescription. The same brand must be dispensed for the original and on the repeat prescription.

To calculate the correct quantity for your patient, use the dose and cartridge quantity calculator on the PBS website.

When you submit the completed prescription form and supporting information to us, you must nominate whether we are to return the approved prescription to you or to your patient.

If an application cannot be approved we will retain the application, including the unapproved Authority prescription, and send you a letter containing the reasons why the application could not be approved

For patients who meet the PBS criteria, the approved Authority prescription will be returned to either the patient or to you. Treatment is not available as a PBS benefit without an approved Authority prescription.

For patients who need initial treatment, the following must be completed, submitted and approved before the prescription is posted back to you or to your patient:

To continue the patient’s treatment, one of the following must be completed, submitted and approved before the prescription is posted back to you or to your patient:

as well as:

  • any relevant supporting information, and
  • a valid Authority prescription

You need to tell your patients:

  • their prescription can be dispensed by an approved supplier (pharmacy or dispensing doctor) of their choice, and
  • they will need to contribute to the cost of the subsidised medicine at the pharmacy and their contribution counts towards their PBS Safety Net

Read more about patient charges on the PBS website.

Information for approved suppliers

PBS subsidised growth hormone medicines can be dispensed at an approved:

  • community pharmacy
  • participating PBS reform public hospital pharmacy, or
  • private hospital pharmacy

Approved medical practitioners, dispensing doctors, may also supply growth hormone medicines.

Growth hormone medicines are available through pharmaceutical wholesalers or directly from the manufacturer.

Reimbursement for dispensing these medicines is the same as the current process used for supplying PBS subsidised items listed under the Highly Specialised Drugs (HSD) Program. We calculate reimbursement using ex-manufacturer pricing, not ex-wholesaler pricing.

Further information

For more information contact us on Complex Drugs enquiry line.

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