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Healthcare Identifiers change of ownership information

Healthcare Identifiers change of ownership information

A healthcare provider organisation must tell the Healthcare Identifiers Service Operator or changes affecting their eligibility to have a Healthcare Provider Identifier - Organisation (HPI-O). This includes a change of ownership.

When a healthcare provider organisation initially registers in the HI Service, we get documentation that:

  • proves the organisation is a business entity
  • proves the identity of the responsible officer (RO), and
  • the RO is authorised to act on behalf of the organisation when working with the HI Service

If a healthcare provider organisation changes ownership, we need to make sure these conditions are still met by the new owners.

Organisations that still operate in the same way they did prior to the change of ownership will retain their HPI-O. For example if the organisation still operates as a general practice or hospital after the sale, their HPI-O will remain the same.

Documentation to provide

What you need to provide depends on your healthcare provider organisation's situation. A change of ownership can be either simple or complex. 

Simple change of ownership

This relates to stand-alone healthcare provider organisations, or seed organisations where the change of ownership does not result in any changes to an existing network hierarchy.

You will need to provide: 

If the original RO will still act in the same role after the change, provide evidence of the RO's authority to act on behalf of the new seed organisation ownership for the purposes of the HI Service. Attach to form HW037.

If there is a new RO or Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) complete the following form:

Complex change of ownership

This relates to either seed or network healthcare provider organisations where network hierarchy changes are involved. 

If your network organisation is becoming a seed organisation, you need to provide:

  • Application to Register a Seed Organisation form (HW018) and associated documentation
  • a letter stating the names and HPI-Os of any networks that may move with the new seed and any changes in the hierarchy structure
  • if applicable a letter from the previous owner agreeing to the loss of any networks moving with the new seed organisation

If your seed organisation is a network of another organisation, or your network organisation is moving under a different seed organisation, you need to provide:

  • Application to amend a Healthcare Organisation Record form (HW037)
  • relevant supporting documentation, including evidence to support the new ownership arrangements
  • a letter stating:
    • the RO has the authority to act on behalf of the incoming organisation
    • the name and HPI-O of the incoming organisation and any networks, and where they should sit in the gaining organisations's structure
  • a letter from the previous RO agreeing to the loss of organisation and any networks moving with it

If there is a new OMO, the gaining seed RO or OMO must complete the following form:

If you have questions about a change of ownership, or need help completing forms contact the Healthcare Identifiers Service Operations Team.

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