PBS Authority approvals phone line - emergency provision arrangements

If you contact the PBS Authority approvals enquiry line on 1800 888 333 and hear the emergency message, you must follow the instructions to prescribe an Authority required item.

For prescriptions written under the emergency provision arrangements you must:

  • not exceed the maximum quantity and repeats listed in the PBS Schedule
  • include the words ‘Emergency authorised by the Department of Human Services Medicare Program’, and
  • note the time and date you tried to call

For drugs on the Highly Specialised Drugs Program, you must include:

  • the letters ‘HSD’
  • the hospital provider number, and
  • the number of days of treatment

Increased quantities and repeats above the PBS Schedule quantity can’t be written under the emergency provision arrangements. You need to call back at a later time to get authority approval.

Prescriptions with no authority approval annotated can’t be dispensed as a PBS subsidised item.

Page last updated: 30 January 2017

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