Provider percentile charts

Provider percentile charts show the number of services billed by peer groups for selected MBS items.

You can use these charts to compare your billing data with your peers. You will need your billing data to make the comparisons.

Your data may be available from your practice management software or you can request a rendered items report from the department.

What you need to know

Consider your own billing data in these comparisons. Your data is available from either your practice management software or by requesting a rendered items report. We welcome your feedback via email on the charts along with suggestions for new MBS item numbers to be included.

MBS item numbers

The provider percentile charts are grouped into individual MBS items for:

  • general practitioner
  • other non-referred
  • specialist
  • consultant physician
  • consultant psychiatrist
  • urgent and general practitioner after-hours attendances
  • health assessment
  • care plan
  • general practitioner mental health treatment
  • optometric services

There are also charts available for miscellaneous services, including:

  • allied health
  • psychological therapy
  • focused psychological strategy
  • midwifery
  • nurse practitioner

List of provider percentile charts

Most recent quarterly statistics based on relevant MBS items processed.

General Practitioner attendances

Other non-referred attendances

Specialist attendances

Consultant physician (all) attendances

Consultant physician endocrinology attendances

Consultant physician gastroenterology attendances

Consultant physician rheumatology attendances

Consultant psychiatrist attendances

Urgent attendances after hours

Health assessments (VRGPs)

Health assessments (non VRGPs)

GP management plans, team care arrangements, multidisciplinary care plans (VRGPs)

GP management plans, team care arrangements, multidisciplinary care plans (non VRGPs)

Domiciliary Medication Management Review

GP mental health treatment

General Practitioner after-hours attendances

Optometric services

Miscellaneous services

Allied health services

Services provided by a practice nurse on behalf of a medical practitioner

Psychological therapy services

Focused psychological strategies (allied mental health)

Participating midwives services

Nurse practitioners services

Rendered items report

You can fax or post a letter to request your rendered items report. Ask for the most recent 12 month period data available, make sure your request is signed by the practitioner and include the provider number.

Send your requests for rendered items reports to Information Release.

More information

To find out more about the provider percentile charts or to send us your comments please email

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