Record a new authority using the Online PBS Authorities system on HPOS

A guide to record a new authority using the Online PBS Authorities system on HPOS.

You must be registered for HPOS to access the Online PBS Authorities system using either your existing Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Individual Certificate or Provider Digital Access (PRODA) authentication account.

If you do not have a PRODA account, create a new account.

As an approved prescriber, you no longer need to call us to request PBS authority approval for:

  • the majority of PBS items (excluding Complex Authority Required (CAR) items and Alzheimer's items), and
  • increased quantities or repeats for those items

You can now use the Online PBS Authorities system through HPOS or upgraded clinical and prescribing software.

Existing phone and written arrangements for Repatriation Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (RPBS) approvals through the Veterans’ Affairs Pharmaceutical Approval Centre (VAPAC) remain unchanged.

Step 1: Log on to HPOS and access PBS Authorities

Once you have logged on to HPOS, select My programs on your homepage to display a list of programs you have access to.

My programs

Select PBS Authorities to access the Online PBS Authorities system. 

The location of the PBS Authorities tile may differ depending on how many programs you have access to.

PBS Authorities

Time out screen

If your PRODA session times out, you’ll need to re-enter your PRODA username and password to get your authentication message. Enter the authentication code into the system, then select the PBS Authorities link to return to the PBS Authorities home page.

Time out screen

Step 2: Start recording a new authority for your patient

To record a new Authority, select Record Authority.

Record Authority

The Patient Search screen will then display on the screen. Enter your patient’s 11 digit Medicare number without any spaces or slashes, then select Search.

Patient Search screen

The search results will appear with the selected Medicare number as well as the:

  • patient’s name
  • date of birth, and
  • Medicare number and expiry.

Select Next to continue.

Patient Search Results

The Authority Prescription Number pop up will display on the screen. Enter the Authority Prescription Number, exactly as shown, on the authority prescription pad, then select Next.

Authority Prescription Number

Invalid Authority Prescription Number

If the number isn’t valid you’ll need to select Amend Number to return the previous pop up screen and re-enter the Authority Prescription Number.

Amend Number

Your PBS authority application will be rejected at the application Assessment Result Screen if you select Continue and don’t amend the invalid Authority Prescription Number.

You’ll need to revise the authority application with the correct Authority Prescription Number.

Revise Authority Application

Alphabetical characters are invalid values for an Authority Prescription Number. If the Authority Prescription Number is entered with alphabetical characters, the error message 154: Invalid value/s in the following fields: Authority Prescription Number will display on the screen. You’ll need to enter the correct numeric Authority Prescription Number into the field and select Next to continue.

Error message 154

Step 3: Select the PBS item to be prescribed

Once the Item Search screen displays, search by keyword or item code for the PBS item to be prescribed. You can also cross-check your patient’s details which are pre-populated on the right hand side of the screen. In this example, a partial word dexam has been entered. Select Search.  

Item Search screen

Dexam generates multiple search results that include dexam in the item name. The search results displays results such as dexamphetamine, dexamethasone, dexamethasone + framycetin sulfate + gramicidin.

Select the tick box for the item that will be prescribed, then select Next to continue.

Search Results screen

Step 4: Enter any required restrictions

The Select Restriction screen will display with the details of the selected PBS item and your patient at the top of the screen. Applicable restrictions are displayed at the bottom of the screen with the restriction code and restriction text. Any notes, cautions and warnings can be viewed by selecting Display Restriction Detail.

Select the tick box for the required restriction, then select Next to continue.

Select Restriction screen

The Restriction Text, Notes and Cautions pop up will display on the screen. It provides further information about the PBS Restriction in accordance with the PBS website listing. Select Next to continue.

Restriction Text pop up

A PBS restriction may require additional information to be provided by answering a question. Answers may be provided in the form of free text, a number or selected from a drop down menu. Select Next once the additional information is added.

Answer Questions screen

Step 5: Enter prescription quantity and repeats, and submit your application

The Authority Prescription screen displays information about the current patient and the item being prescribed.

The quantity and repeats will default to the listed maximum quantities and number of repeats for the item. These can be changed, where permitted, by entering the quantity required and number of repeats in the relevant fields.

Daily dose field

The Daily dose field is required to calculate the number of treatment days and application of the too soon rule. Enter a number from 1 to 999, for example enter 4 for 4 tablets per day.

Adding the + symbol at the end of a number represents a value between the number and the next whole number. For example enter 1+ to represent a daily dose between 1 and 2, such as 1.5 tablets or 1.75ml.

Enter the following if a daily dose can’t be measured:

  • X for items that are not measured by dosage, such as creams and ointments, or for items that are used less frequently, such as patches used weekly
  • D for directions given to the patient but not entered into the application, and
  • N for no directions given to the patient or entered into the application

The mandatory fields are Daily dose and the Declaration Statement tick box. Select Submit to continue with the Authority application.

The Hospital Provider Number field is only mandatory for HSD Public Hospital or HSD Private Hospital items.

Daily dose field

Step 6: View your application assessment result

Once you’ve submitted your authority application you can view your application assessment result.

The Application Assessment Result screen will show a summary of the information you previously entered. The possible assessment results for the PBS Authority application include:

  • Authority not required
  • Approved
  • Approved with changes
  • Cancelled
  • Rejected, and
  • Previously rejected/now approved

Approved Assessment Result

When an application has been approved, the assessment result will state the PBS authority application is approved.

A PBS authority approval number and unique authority ID will be generated for each approved application.

The unique authority ID is a system generated unique number used to link you to the authority record. This number is used to change or enquire about an authority approval through the web service channel.

Reference the PBS Authority Approval Number on your prescription. Select Exit to return to the PBS Authorities home page.

Approved Assessment Result

Rejected Assessment Result

When an application has been rejected, the Assessment Result will display on the screen stating the PBS Authority application is rejected.

Rejected Assessment Result

Step 7: If necessary, override or revise your assessment result

Override an assessment result

You may override a rejected application when:

  • another authority prescription for the same item has previously been approved, and
  • adequate supplies should still exist - too soon rule

The reasons for override include:

  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Destroyed
  • Inaccessible
  • Change in Dose
  • Regulation 24
  • Special Drugs
  • Ineffective
  • Contra-indicating
  • Adverse Reaction
  • Break in Therapy, and
  • Change in Strength

Select from the Reason Code Override drop down and select Resubmit.

Reason Code Override field

If the date of prescribing is different to the previous application, the Resubmit Authority pop up will display with the warning – By re-submitting this authority request the original date of prescribing will be overridden. Do you want to continue?

Select Yes, confirming that the original date of prescribing will be overridden.

Resubmit Authority pop up

The updated PBS item details display at the top of the screen and have the Previously rejected/now approved assessment result. Select Exit to return to the PBS Authorities home page.

Previously rejected/now approved

Revise an assessment result

Authority applications can be revised by selecting the relevant screen to update from the drop down and selecting Revise Authority Application. Every page along the authority application process can be changed this way.

Revise Authority Application

Previously rejected/now approved assessment result

Once the assessment result has been either overridden or revised, the authority application will display Previously rejected/now approved.

To record a new authority for the same patient, select Record New Authority Same Patient. If you have a new authority for a different patient, select Record New Authority.

Record New Authority

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