Viewing a patient's care plan history using HPOS

You can view your patient's care plan history for the last 12 months in HPOS. It’s recorded against their Medicare record.

A care plan refers to GP services as part of Chronic Disease Management. They include:

  • GP Management Plans
  • Team Care Arrangements
  • Multidisciplinary Care Plans
  • GP Mental Health Treatment Plans

Read more about Chronic Disease Management on the Department of Health's website.

You can only view your patient's care plan history if they:

  • are over 18 years of age
  • are registered for a Medicare online account, and
  • have given verbal consent

You can access this service in HPOS with an Individual PKI certificate, delegates are unable to access this service on your behalf.

  • select the menu icon
  • select View Patient Care Plan History
  • select Find Patient Record and enter your patient's details
  • select Search
  • check the patient consent check box and select Continue
    You must have your patient's consent to access their care plan history
  • care plan history tab will display
  • if your patient has a care plan, it will display the date of service, item numbers and description, if relevant. If your patient hasn't had a care plan created in the previous 12 months, a message will advise you
  • if no care plan items can be found, a message will be displayed explaining 'Enhanced Primary Care plan items not previously paid'

Page last updated: 9 November 2016

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