Apply now to be recognised as a medical specialist

You’ll need to be recognised as a medical specialist to claim specialist items on the MBS.

If you have an Australasian specialist college fellowship you can apply to be recognised as a medical specialist or consultant physician. 

You’ll need to complete the Application for recognition as a Specialist or Consultant Physician form. There’s a $30 application fee.

We’ll send you a letter to let you know when your application has been finalised. The letter will confirm the date you can start claiming the relevant MBS items.

We’ll also update your provider record to show your new specialist status. The update will apply to all your existing and future location provider numbers. 

If your primary qualification was obtained overseas, or you’re a former overseas medical student, there may be an extra step. You may also need an exemption under section 19AB of the Health Insurance Act 1973.

Next steps

  • Apply for specialist recognition
  • Find out more about the MBS
  • Find out more about provider numbers
  • If you’re an overseas trained doctor, find out more about sections 19AB /19AA on the Doctor Connect website
  • Link to HPOS

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Page last updated: 13 April 2017

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