Checking your patient’s concessional entitlement

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You can now check your patient’s concessional status with a new concessional entitlement verification service.

If the patient holds or is listed on a Commonwealth concessional card at the date of service, they are considered to be concessional.

You can check if your patient has concessional entitlement eligibility to claim Medicare services in real-time:

  • through Health Professional Online Services (HPOS), or
  • by calling 132 150 and using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology, which provides you with a self-service option.

This service will assist you in determining if a patient is concessional.

A patient’s concessional entitlement is based on the information we know at the time of checking.

When you call and use the IVR technology you will need to supply:

  • provider number
  • your patient’s Medicare card details, including their Patient Individual Reference Number (IRN)

To use the IVR technology, call 132 150 and select:

  • option 5 for child dental benefit enquiries and concessional entitlement status confirmation
  • sub-option 2 for Medicare concessional entitlement status

Save time by using the Find a patient HPOS service that allows you to easily search and confirm:

  • patient details
  • patient Medicare numbers, and
  • patient concessional eligibility

HPOS is a fast and secure way for health professionals and administrators to do business with us.

For a full list go to services available in HPOS.

Next steps:

Read more about how to find a patient using HPOS to learn about concessional entitlement verification.

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