Create additional Medicare Provider Numbers online

Add a new Medicare Provider Number instantly by creating a new provider location in Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS).

You can use Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS) to add a new Medicare Provider Number by creating a new location.

You will need to be registered with us, and be:

  • recognised as a specialist, including General Practitioners, or
  • an Allied Health professional

If you were trained outside of Australia and meet the above criteria and have completed the waiting period for accessing Medicare benefits, you can also create a new Medicare Provider Number.

HPOS will issue the new Medicare Provider Number immediately after you apply. A letter with the Medicare Provider Number will also be sent to your HPOS messages. You will be able to view, download or print the letter at any time.

The new Medicare Provider Number will be effective from the moment it is issued and you will be able to add bank details straight away. However, we recommend you wait two business days before submitting claims using the number.

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Page last updated: 23 January 2016

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